Soylent Bridge Early Review: Taste and Packaging (with images)

Note: Check out the earlier post that detailed the new Soylent Bridge, the new product from the popular meal replacement drink brand.


Well, I received my first delivery of the new Soylent Bridge today and was eager to try it and see how it stacked up. Kudos to Soylent for getting this to my door in only 2 days from time of order – much appreciated. I tossed one in the freezer and snapped some pics of the packaging in the meantime as is very different than their other SKUs.


Overall review of Soylent Bridge: 5 out of 5

  • Tastes good
  • Low calorie and high protein makes this great for active lifestyles
  • Grab and go friendly packaging
  • Great price point (~$2 per bottle)


How Does Soylent Bridge Taste?

In a word, great! It is definitely different than the other drinks, it seems a little more viscous overall… call it ‘light’. Makes sense for me personally as they are trying to do more with less in the taste department. The lightness will make it much easier and natural to take this on the go and sip while on the run.


The chocolate flavor is neutral and not unlike Soylent’s other flavors. Packs a nice energy boost too, though not as much as the 400c + Caffinee option.



What Is The Soylent Bridge Packaging Like?

Very different than any version I have seen before. These are lightweight and very flimsy – more juicebox like than the bottles were used to with Soylent historically. Soylent has changed their packaging and bottle design many times before so seeing this is not a shock. I assume this type of packaging partly allows for the lower price point – makes sense.



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