Raw Denim Fade Progress Report: Nudie Jeans Grim Tims (Plus 2 Bonus Naked and Famous Fades Reports)

Raw Denim Fade Progress

After nearly a decade of getting to know the space, raw denim has turned into my core fashion staple. I’ve bought well over a dozen pair of raws over the years and more recently everything has been Japanese Selvedge denim.


Historically I never cuffed my jeans as I always thought that look was best matched with boots. Since I live in Phoenix boots only make sense for a few months of the year unless you want to sweat your ass off, which I am not willing to do. Out here you are going to see more people wearing sandals with jeans than boots. Frightening, I know.


I’ve cuffed my last 3 pairs of raws with the Nudie Grim Tim’s I am sharing here is my last ‘noncuff’ pair. When it starts to heat up again here I am going to experiment with looks that involved low-rise shoes and cuffs. For some reason, it feels awkward on me, but depending on how you wear it I am sure it can work.


Breakdown of the raw denim fades being shown here

#1 Nudie Jean Co Grim Tim’s (98% / 2%)

  • Bought June 25th, 2017 in NYC Nudie Grim Tim Black Comfort Selvedge  (98% / 2%)
  • At least 200 wears, only 1 wash so far, never dried
  • I did not pre-soak and never experienced any shrinkage
  • Still currently in rotation


#2 Naked and Famous Dry Stretch Indigo (98% / 2%)

  • Bought online.
  • Many washes and tumble drys (lesson learned)
  • Did not pre-soak, definitely shrunk after first wash and dry, but stretched back out when worn
  • 7+ Years old – Retired


#3 Naked and Famous Dry Stretch Indigo (98% / 2%)

  • Bought online.
  • Many washes, all hang drys
  • Did not pre-soak, minor shrinking from washing, but stretched back out when worn
  • 5+ Years old – Retired