Say Hello To Soylent Squared: A Snack With Benefits

What is Soylent Squared?

Soylent, the company with a mission to make unhealthy and unsustainable foods obsolete, have unveiled its latest product: Soylent Squared.

Soylent Squared claims to be the perfect snack for when you’re hungry, but not quite hungry enough for a full meal. From my previous experiences with Soylent, especially Soylent Bridge, I expect good things. The Soylent brand is attempting to make Soylent Squared one of the easiest and healthiest 100 calorie ways to help power your body for the day as a meal replacement, or as a snack between meals.

As someone who is mainly focused on efficient nutrition, taste, and convenience, I’m thrilled to order a box of these beautifully and simply packaged goodies to see if they live up to my high expectations. I personally love protein and meal replacement bars for their portability, and one-handed eating ability. I find that bars like this tend to really help keep me fueled throughout the day when I don’t necessarily have time to stop what I’m doing to sit down and eat a whole meal.


What’s so special about Soylent Squared?

Soylent likes to say that Soylent Squared is a “snack with benefits”, and after reading the nutrition facts, it looks as though the product lives up to the claim. Boasting five grams of plant protein, thirty six essential nutrients, prebiotic fiber and probiotics for digestive health, Soylent Squared seems like it should be a perfect snack for any time of day—at only 100 calories a piece to boot. The biggest draw for me is that these look like exactly the kind of product I’ve been searching for, an easy way to add nutrients without a ton of calories to my daily routine. Although I don’t typically seek out “diet” or specifically “low calorie” products, I have noticed that products with lower calorie counts help me to feel full, but less heavy for the hours after eating them.

Depending on your body type, these are made to have one or two for a snack, or three as a whole meal replacement. Since Soylent Squared is packed with plenty of things you do need, without all the stuff you don’t, you won’t feel weighed down or overly full if you choose to have two or three snack bars.

Since these are made to be for breakfast, lunch, or anywhere in between, I’m excited to test out how they work as a meal replacement versus as a snack. The flavors sound delicious too, with Chocolate Brownie, Salted Caramel, and Citrus Berry. However, I wish that that Soylent offered a variety pack of flavors, for now, I’ll be ordering chocolate brownie. You can get these on the Soylent website. They are $28.50 for 30 bars, which works out to be $.95 per bar—a bargain compared to other meal replacement bars.

Soylent Squared Nutrition Information

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