Why Are People Taping Their Corgi’s Ears

I am about to get a Corgi puppy thanks to falling in love with the famous Willo the Corgi

I have heard about taping their ears, but I am completely new to this idea. 

I had so many questions so I decided to do my own research and thought I would share what I found because I am sure many are wondering what I was, “why is taping Corgi ears a thing?” and most importantly, “is it safe to tape the ears of my Corgi puppy?”

More About Corgi Ears

taping corgi ears

Did you know that taping Corgi ears helps their ear behave? And even though it is a little painful at first, it is not harmful to your Corgi pup at all! We all know that training your new Corgi puppy is a lot of work, you don’t want to have to worry about their ears developing correctly. So, taping them will help with the process.

A characteristic of the Corgi is strong ears that perk up. Corgi puppies usually have large floppy ears that fold down, but as they grow, they become perkier. Taping corgi ears can also increase circulation in the ears.

When Do Corgi Ears Start to Stand Up?

Corgi puppies can expect their ears to start to develop between 8 and 24 weeks. This means the ears will start to stand up around 8 weeks and she fully is grown by 24 weeks.

It may take time for you to notice the ears starting to perk up, so don’t worry too much if around 8 weeks old, you can’t really tell. These things take time.

Development of Corgi ears can be slow, but they do start to stand up, they are raised, pointy, and stay that way.

At the age of 4 to 6 months, the ears should fully be upright and mostly developed. If by up to the age of one year and the ears have not started to perk up, check with your veterinarian about taping your corgi’s ears to help get the development going.

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How to Make Your Corgi’s Ears Stand 

The first rule to making your Corgi’s ears stand up is to ALWAYS use masking tape. You NEVER want to use adhesive tape as it can get stuck and be painful to their ear and fur.

What I have read, the best tape to use is 2-inch masking tape.

Start by gently lifting the ears and tape around the ear base. Slowly tape upwards and make sure they are standing completely up. NEVER want folds in the ear!

There is an additional step that is optional for taping your corgi’s ears. You can tape the ears from the cross and back as well, kind of like a crown.

Leave the tape on for 7 days then remove so the ears can rest. Not satisfied with the results? Do it again, but make sure to give your Corgi a day or two so their ears can rest in between.

taped corgi ears
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More Tips for Taping Corgi Ears

Remember, the point of taping the ears is to help train them to stand up on their own. Puppies are born with flat ears and need to perk up as they grow.

Always check for mold or infection when taping the ears. The most important thing is to never put your Corgi at risk. Before making the decision to tape your Corgi’s ears, always talk with your veterinarian about the benefits and risks to your particular Corgi.

And remember…be patient with the process!