The Charm Behind the Corgi’s Color Progression

Corgis are very unique pups and even more so when it comes to their coloring. Most Corgis have features such as noticeable color progression (and perky ears) along with a pleasant personality.

Are you think of getting a Corgi? Or do you have a Corgi puppy? What can you expect when it comes to corgi color progression?

We have discussed the journey of the Corgi’s ears and taping Corgi’s ears if needed, but the journey of a Corgi’s color progression is just another unique trait they have.

Different Colors of Corgis

There are actually a few different types of colors that Corgis can be. Among a red headed tricolor Corgi color progression, a Corgi can also be just red, black headed tricolor, or even sable (also known as fawn). 

Some Corgis have white markings on their body and some don’t. Some Corgis also have black and tan colors on their body. While other Corgis have a white face color progression.

The Main Four Corgi Color Progressions

  1. Sable
Photo by Andrew Santellan on Unsplash

Sable is a very unique Corgi color. Corgis can be either light sable or dark sable, some even with a black patch over certain areas like the tail, widow’s peak, back, or over the eyes. All the colors blend in with some red to make more of a chestnut color.

  1. Red and White

Corgis with red and white are very common. However, the shade of these colors can range from pale to dark. And some Corgi puppies might even be born more Sable, but as they grow, the Sable fades and they are left more of a red with white.

  1. Black Headed Tricolor
Photo by Sergey Semin on Unsplash

A Corgi that has black colors on their head are known as fancy Corgis. 

These Corgis have tons of black fur on their head and around their ears and eyes. It sort of looks like these Corgis are wearing a mask similar to a raccoon. Black headed tricolor Corgis also have some black on their underbelly. The black fur can be mixed in with some white and tan, but that tends to be rare. 

  1. Red Headed Tricolor
Photo by shiangling on Unsplash

A red headed tricolor Corgi has red on top of the head and surrounding the eyes like a mask as well. These Corgis have white fur on the rest of their body with some black as well.

The Journey of a Corgi’s Color Progression 

Like most dogs, Corgi pups are born a different color and as they age, their fur and color progress and change. Oftentimes pups are a little darker when born and then lighten up as they grow. The same thing goes with Corgis.

The colors of a Corgi progress and change as they blend together more. So, don’t be worried if your puppy has some odd markings and darker colors at first.

Corgi Puppy Color Progression

The Corgi has really distinct markings, which is kind of each dog’s trademark. Each puppy has a different marking, but all Corgi puppies follow the same color progression.

Just like people, puppies are not born the same and have different color patterns. Some Corgis have more fur, so it is harder to see their patterns and markings.

A Corgi owner never wants to mistake an overweight Corgi for being fluffy. Extra weight on any dog, especially a Corgi, can be very harmful to their health. Corgis tend to gain weight easily, so to keep your Corgi lean and trim, consider feeding your Corgi homemade dog treats.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the health or color progression of your Corgi puppy, never hesitate to contact your local veterinarian and groomer. Especially for first-time Corgi owners, there are no silly questions when you are concerned about the health of your fur baby!

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Feature photo by Peter Pryharski